September 11, 2008


a. What is Tales To Tell?

Ans : Tales-To-Tell is an initiative to bring 20 new authors and 20 new illustrators from different parts of the world together in one book. So if you’ve got a tale to tell, tell it to us and you might be the lucky one to get published.

b. How many books have been launched in what time frame?

Ans : An online short-story and illustration contest culminated in a book fulfilling 40 dreams. The project was started in 2015. 20 best authors were selected from more than 100 entries. To complement the stories, 20 talented illustrators made their way to get published.

c. How many people participated, how many got published?

Ans : 20 brilliant authors, and complementing them 20 amazing illustrators got published.

d. How many books got sold and locations.

Ans : The book was launched on 6th September, 2015 at Oxford Bookstore, Park Street after having been declared sold out twice on Flipkart even before the official launch. A total of 2500+ books have been sold across India so far.

e. Which edition is this?

Ans : This is the third edition of Tales-To-Tell

f. This time what is the theme and expectation setting.

Ans : This time the theme is ‘Travel’. With a better channel of distribution and marketing strategies, we plan to go International this time. Write your story of travel within 1200 words and submit it here.